Dolomite Maxi+


Maximal widh, optimal stability- Unique, reinforced frame design for a 200 kg user capacity, promotes upright posture to give balance and improved vision.

- 10 cm extra space within walking area. - Anatomic grips designed to suit all hands and give optimal pressure relief. - Patented brake (DABS), gentle to sensitive hands and easy to adapt and understand. - Instant brake function on SLII-wheel. A non-flat wheel with good comfort and high friction on slippery surfaces. Smooth shape on plastic forks to save feet and ankles. - Easy-to-fold walker, equipped with extra safety latch to prevent unexpected folding, i.e. folding handle can be used as lifting handle for kerb climbing. 


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Back strap 82353
Cane holder 82093
Kerb climber 82070
Slow-down-brake 82145
Wheel guard 82067



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